Advanced Driving

Course overview

Do you want to join a driving elite and be one of the most skilled drivers on Britain’s roads? 

In the 60 years since IAM was founded, half a million people have qualified as advanced drivers on our flagship Advanced Driver course – the only one accredited by the DVSA. With a commitment of three to six months to complete the comprehensive course and some practice, you could add your name to the list, and enhance your driving skills. 

So what can you expect from our advanced driver course? Sign up and you’ll receive a welcome pack and course manual, followed by an introduction to our IAM RoadSmart group of volunteers. Our skilled experts, all Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) qualified, will take you through a number of observed drives in your own car. 

Each session with your expert lasts a couple of hours and you’ll focus on specific skills to develop across a wide range of competencies, where you’ll need to demonstrate your newly acquired advanced driving skills such as, control, observation, timing, optimum road positioning, ability to deal with unpredictable roads and other road users’ behaviour. When you’re ready, you’ll take the advanced driving test. 

As well as gaining recognition for your skills, once you’re qualified you’ll become a full IAM member and you can often receive insurance benefits as a result - around 90% of our members do. 

You’ll also feel more confident and safer on the road and if you drive for a living an Advanced Driver qualification can add Brownie points to your CV.

The Scarborough Group of IAM RoadSmart is a Registered Charity, number: 1056973