Latest Announcement Wednesday 1st December 2021: 

General COVID-19 Guidelines

IAM RoadSmart is continuing to follow the UK Government guidelines with regards to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor and adhere to the recommendations and guidance as we conduct driving and riding activities.

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk and we are all encouraged to remain cautious and follow guidelines to protect ourselves and others. 

The latest Government guidance for all administrations can be found here:

Be aware that, the Government guidelines may be different in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Please check for any current regional restrictions, as they often updated. If such a restriction appears to affect your group, please contact your ASDM for advice.

We have no legal basis to require anyone to produce a vaccine certificate, proof of vaccination or sign a declaration about their vaccination status to carry out activities.

Vaccination is not a mandatory requirement. Remember you may have associates, customers and observers who may not want to be vaccinated or have been advised not to be vaccinated. Remember the vaccination is protection for the individual receiving it, other control measures are for our protection.

We respect the individual’s right to choose what is right for them.

Keep updated

It is now mandatory to wear facemasks in vehicles while training so please observe COVID-19 safety measures. Please continue to check IAM RoadSmart dashboards for advice and guidance documents. 

We ask that you immediately advise the bookings team, your observer, and your local group if any of the following apply:

•         You have tested positive for COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
•         You are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and should be self-isolating
•         You are part of a household where residents are any of the above.

We have no legal standing to enquire about the status of a vaccination, or any other testing regime. This applies to associates, delegates, mentors, observers, trainers, or colleagues. As such. we will not ask this question as it has data protection implications. Vaccination is not a mandatory requirement; we must respect an individual’s right to choose what is right for them. 

At this difficult time, we ask for your patience, and consideration. We will only ask for information to confirm everyone is willing to ride or drive together. If in doubt don’t go out.

Our Customer Care team is available between 8:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Phone lines are likely to be busy and wait times may be longer. We thank you in advance for your patience and will answer your query as quickly as we can.  

We appreciate your ongoing support during these difficult times and hope that you keep safe and well.

Call Us on 0208996 9700 or send us an email.


Note to all members and associates and potential new members/associates.

Scarborough and District  Advanced Motorists and Motorcycles will adhere to the above directive from IAM HQ.

Please contact any member of the group either by telephone, mobile or internet should you wish to discuss any your own queries/advice you may have on any aspect of advanced driving/riding. Thank you for your cooperation. Editor


Watch out for new meeting dates 2022


‘The Street Community Centre’ YO12 7PW

Our Advanced Driver and Rider Course gift vouchers make thoughtful gifts

Our advanced course gift vouchers make attractive, thoughtful presents. Valid for twelve months, our vouchers are sent to the purchaser so that a personal greeting can be added before gifting them. 

Your guide to IAM RoadSmart Advanced Course gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for both our Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider Courses and include everything needed to help any driver or rider gain our advanced qualification. The recipient simply needs to add a dash of commitment to learning and developing new skills with us!

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How to redeem the vouchers

Our vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase so they can be redeemed when convenient. All the recipient needs to do is to call the activation number on the voucher, quote the reference code and then provide us with their contact details - it's as simple as that.

How to order your gift vouchers

Please use the links below to order online or call 0300 303 1134. Remember they are valid for twelve months and we don't need to know who you plan to give them to when you purchase them, so they are ideal to keep for future use.

Once we have activated the voucher we will send the course logbook and ask our local group to make contact and invite the recipient to start the advanced course with them.